Growing Organizations, Churches, and People through Communication and Consultation.


In 1997 I was leading a consultation for a dying organization.  At a large group meeting a retired gentleman stood and asked everyone to turn in their seats and look at one another.  After some nudging, they turned and looked into the eyes of the other members.  "Those people you just looked at...that's why we have to change," he said. 
I am here to help you change.  Whether your event needs a refreshing change, your church is dying for a change, or your organization only has one change left before everyone quits, I'm here to help you grow as a group or as individuals.  Through consultation, speaking, storytelling, and communication, I will help you find change...and much more.
--Paul Borden--
Few in the North American church scene have as much experience with local church turnaround as Paul Borden.  An experienced teacher, preacher, leader, and speaker, Paul will capture your imagination with story, inspire you with real-world application, and give you the tools you need to make the tough decisions work.